Replacing logic board on Nano 6th gen to retain music library.

I ripped the ribbon cable near the volume when trying to do some repairs. i'd rather not try to install/repair that. However, I was going to get another iPod nano 6th gen online and replace the logic board. I'm away from my home computer for a few months and wanted to get all my music back while I'm gone. Will this work? Will the music library transfer with a 1-1 logic board exchange? Any other issues I should worry about (aside from another ribbon cable issue!)?

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If I understand you correctly you want to take your current working logic board that has your music saved on it and install it in another iPod. If this is indeed what you're trying to accomplish I would say that as long as the two devices are the exact same model you should have no problem swapping logic boards. But if the devices are not the same exact model then there will more than likely be compatibility issues. Identical devices should be using the same firmware and hardware which should allow the logic boards to be swapped without any issues but if the two devices are using different firmware or hardware the swap will likely not work. So as long as you are sure they're the same model you should be able to do this without any issues and be able to access your music library. If the music library is saved on SD card then you should have no problems. Hope I was able to help and best of luck with your swap.


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Thanks this is what I was looking for! I ASSUME that the music's saved on the SD card (it's not in the iCloud or anything, so where else could it be?!) but just needed a sanity check. Both models are exactly the same, (both 6th gen nano 8GB, which is now discontinued =/ ) so again I assume there was no versioning in this nano release except for the 16GB option. Fingers crossed! I'll find out tomorrow when I get the new one!



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