The LG Thrill is a 3d enabled Android smartphone. The thrill has 8 gigs of internal memory with dual core processors, a camera with LED flash and wifi connectivity...

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My phone won't charge.

I forgot to charge my phone last night so it was almost dead when I woke up I decided to charge it and when I plugged in the charger, nothing happened. I left it there for an hour and still barely charged at all. I wanted to know if there were any solutions to this problem?

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One of the most common problems is metallic surfaces inside the USB port and the USB charger aren't making clear contact. The reasons could be from manufacturing defects or continuously plugging and unplugging the charging cable.

All you need is to shut down your phone take out the battery, use something small (ex: toothpick) to lever up the tab inside the USB port of your smartphone. do these steps very carefully and slowly then reinsert your battery and plug it in again. Most likely this was the cause.


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