The smaller of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Water Damage… still works… Battery issue

While on a flight in June 2014, the guy next to me put his drink in the gap between the tray and his cup spilled liquid below including on my macbook air which was in the pouch. Unsure of whether there was liquid damage because it was in a protective laptop sleeve, I turned it on and it would work for a minute or two and then turn off.

The next day I took it to the Apple store and the Genius Bar guy could not determine if there were any permanent problems. However when I went to use it over the next week or so, it exhibited an unresponsive, slow trackpad which I assumed was an expanded battery due to liquid damage.

After that resolved itself, the only issue I could point to is that the battery loses its charge at an exponential rate (will go from 100%-20% in an hour or two) and it takes substantially longer to charge to full than before this incident.

Went to another Apple Store a few weeks later and upon opening the laptop in the back the Air Genius Bar guy said

Issue: Customer states device had liquid spilled on it. Afterwards, machine is showing multiple charging and battery issues. Steps to Reproduce: Verified battery failed and has liquid damage to battery. Corrosion appears to be present under logic board. Proposed Resolution: Send to depot for Tier 4 liquid damage repair. Replace all damaged parts.

And gave me a $755 quote to have it repaired. I said I would take my chances because for that amount, I'd rather buy a new macbook air entirely. He said it would be a matter of time before the computer would stop working all together.

With that being said, its now 8 months later and the Air is still working, however, I basically always have to have it attached to the charger.

I'm wondering what potential issues I might run into if I order a new battery via eBay/Singapore and swap it out via iFix tutorials and the such. Is it possible that electricity is currently running through some of the corrosion on the current battery and if I swap it out, it could brick the entire laptop? What other scenarios could exist where I may better leave everything alone.


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If you feel comfortable enough to remove parts from the laptop, you should pull out the parts that were exposed to the liquid like the logic board and clean them with 90-99% Isopropyl alcohol. I usually use a small brush to scrub the corroded areas such as a tooth brush. The alcohol will clean the corrosion that has developed on the logic board. It also evaporates very quickly. Yes corrosion can cause shorting and other issues which after time may lead to many more problems. It is not difficult to find videos of people cleaning motherboards and other computer parts or phone parts with the ISO alcohol if you need an example.

So if you buy a battery, go ahead and clean the Macbook as good as you can. If you do this you should be fine. The pros have what they call ultrasonic cleaners which do pretty much the same thing as the ISO alcohol but with better results usually, but it is not worth the price they quoted you. You can get an ultrasonic cleaner for cheaper than that quote. Or like you said, another Macbook air. But I would try cleaning it and getting a battery.

Best of luck and I hope I was helpful.


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Today i put together my macbook. Folow abow. I use electronic clean spray and toothbrush on worst place. Baby puch wife water in keebord. Mac turn of don't start again.

I have do like abow now it work fine. Bafore this i emiditly put it in box with rice. Rice sucks up the wet.

Then this. Good luck to some one else with same problem.

Thanks for hel friends.


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