13" aluminum unibody, 2.0 or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

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Looking for partnumber or supplier for keyboard backlight connector

Hi all,

I've recently acquired an A1278 Macbook (non-pro) 2008 2.0Ghz model. As I was wondering if it were possible to put a backlight sheet under the keyboard I started searching the web and obviously I was soon pointed to some threads on iFixit.

However, not all 2008 models apparently came with the actual connector on the logicboard to connect the backlight to. The traces are there on the logicboard as are the exposed pads to solder a connector to, there just isn't one soldered to them.

I've been asking several sellers of used Mac parts on sites like eBay and other classified sites, but none of them have the actual connector itself. Some do but they tell me to buy an entire logicboard along with it. I did find the connector on some chinese sites and I believe one american seller on eBay US but none of them list the actual manufacturer or modelnumber of the part. Buying the part from them isn't really an option either since shipping is killer on them (I live in Germany, shipping from the US for a single connector is $23) or they require me to buy a lot of 10 for $80.

Does anyone perhaps know what manufacturer I should be looking into, what part is an equivalent or where I could buy the connector without having to buy a lot of multiple connectors or pay an obscene amount just for shipping?

Thanks in advance,


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A1278 is both Pro and Non-Pro. This is my macbook according to EveryMac.com: http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/ma...

A1278 is a modelnumber used for various models actually, which is why I specified year, processor-speed and non-pro.

Here's a link to the model on iFixit, pay extra attention to Step 15 as it addresses my particular predicament:

MacBook Unibody Model A1278 Upper Case Replacement


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Sebastiaan Swinkels, the original manufacturer is DDK and the part is a FF18-4A-R11AD-B-3H


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Thanks! I've been looking around the net but haven't been able to even locate a supplier so far. The partnumber results in a few sites that want to sell the information as to where to get the part rather than sell the part though. And a handful of asian results that I have yet to put through Google Translate. Nothing on AliExpress or eBay so far.



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