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pry damage solder a wire or replace component

hello all.

i have a iPhone 4s from a customer, it has a some pry damage (he tried to place a new screen)

now i replaced some 0603 and 0402 components.

but this little black block i don't know.

is it possible to solder a wire on the pads ?

Block Image

or do i have to replace the component, but what component is this ?

Block Image

thanks in advance


anyone that can tell me if i need to solder a wire or not

thank you

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roy, we can not see what you see. Post a couple of images with your question. 在已经存在的问题里加入图片 Show us the components you replaced as well as the "little black block"

thanks oldturkey, seems because i was on dutch i couldnt edit my post or place pictures.


hey Oldturkey,

i posted the pictures, can you tell me if i can solder a wire across or if i need to resolder the component


can someone tell me

or if you need a differnt picture also tell me

thanks in advance

I never advocate jumpers. I figured the Apple engineers had a plan with all those parts. Replace them with proper components.It is a Zener diode and check st3v3w's schematic for the proper values.



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I can't say whether or not it is safe to jump them with a wire but the part is called DZ30 and it has to do with the head phone jack . i belive it has something to do with an external mic.

Block Image

Block Image


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