Early 2011 model, A1278 / 2.3 GHz i5 or 2.7 GHz i7 processor.

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New iFixit Battery draining quickly after install


I recently purchased a NEW battery for my MacbookPro 13" (early 2011 i7)and after install, the battery seems to drain very quickly. I initially let the battery drain to 5% and then connected the magsafe charger and charged it to 100%. In an effort to see if the battery was performing correctly, I unplugged it and used it for about 30 minutes. The battery dropped quickly from 100% to 92% (within 3 minutes) the estimated time remaining on a the charge was 5h42m. It then declined rapidly after that until I decided to plug it in again. Is this normal from a new battery? Am I supposed to do anything to make it work more regularily? any help would be appreciated.

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How far did it drain, in what time, before you plugged it back in? What programs were you running? Where you using WIFI and or bluetooth? What was the brightness setting on the screen? Running any USB devices?

I was running nothing but firefox. nothing plugged in, bluetooth disabled. brightness was set to high, but this shouldnt affect a battery this drastically in such a short period of time, no?

it drained about 8% in less than 3 minutes. and appeared to jump that low skipping some percentages in between (i.e, I didn't even recall seeing 97%-92%)

You skipped a few of my questions. I must assume that you accessed the internet via WIFI. According to this, Apple bases their estimates of battery life with the computer using WIFI and the screen on 50% brightness. So yes you having your screen on 100% brightness is going to really affect how long your battery will last on a given charge. The battery you purchased is guaranteed to be between 5500 - 5800 mAh. That is a 6 cell battery. With proper power management it should suit your needs. You might try doing a "Google" on "power management and battery life, with out the quotation marks. I turn off my keyboard lights and dim my screen, among other things, when using my laptop on battery.

Are you running videos from the internet?

Sorry for missing those. I have a very good grasp on types of usage and how they can affect your battery. I'm aware that max brightness, wifi, bluetooth, open applications, stalling apps and background processes etc., all can have a major effect on your battery life.

With all these factors in mind, the battery life still seems fairly unusual.

My question is, is it normal for a "new" battery to drop 8-10% instantly with minimal usage in a very short amount of time. Also, is it usual for the battery's overall capacity to drop significantly with only one or two charges?



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Download and run Coconut Battery and let us know your results: http://www.coconut-flavour.com/coconutba...


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I have coconut battery already. At first it was reporting a design capacity of 94.6% and around a max charge of 5500mAh. After leaving it for a day and checking now here is what it's running at

Current charge 5110mAh (wont' charge past 96% total)

Max Charge: 5296mAh

Design capacity: 92.4% (and dropping as I am writing this, to 91.8%, while plugged in)


this seems totally bizarre..

What was happening with your old battery and how long did it last?

My old battery performed fine. Regular drain under normal usage. The issue was that it was running at 70% capacity and didn't hold a charge as long as I needed. It would only last a couple hours.



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