Sanyo 60in LCD TV Audio and video goes out for a second

Hello I have an older Sanyo 60" LCD TV. I have 3 different HDMI video inputs going into TV. I have the single orange male to male audio out wire from TV running to my Stereo receiver. TV audio is muted as I just use receiver for all sound. Every now and then either the sound goes out for a second then recovers. Or the video and sound go out for a second then recovers. It first started using a mac mini while watching netflix. I thought it was buffering issues with the video I was watching. I tried PS4 netflix and it also happens. I tried a PS4 game and the same thing happens. I hooked up a PC, bought a new video card that does HDMI out and it as well did it on netflix and hulu.

I can't make it reproduce it just happens when it feels like it. Sometimes it is just once a day, other times it will be frequent 4-5 times in one movie.

I've tried different HDMI and the audio wire, moved the order of the devices into each port, hooked up the HDMI wire in opposite order, used an HDMI splitter. Does this sound like my TV or my receiver failing or both?

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