Camera Cable not working


I took apart my computer to replace the keyboard (I spilled water on it). The camera cable isn't working now - neither the camera, the wifi, or the keyboard backlight works. The cable connector appears to be in perfect shape - none of the prongs are bent. Any suggestions?

UPDATE: In case anyone ever finds themselves in the same situation, here's what I did to fix this problem: I took a toothbrush and massaged both the cable-end of the connector and where it goes on the logic board. I tried three times - the first time my computer detected my camera and wifi but they kept cutting out. The second time it didn't work at all. The third time, I used a tiny piece of electrical tape to secure the connector to the logic board, and it worked! At least, it's been working for the last 16 hours, and survived me restarting my computer. My keyboard backlight still doesn't work, but that could be a different problem, and I can live with it.

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