Apple发布于2012年9月12日的第六代iPhone,维修时与前代型号一样,需要螺丝刀和撬棒。iPhone 5以多种版本销售:通讯制式有GSM/CDMA;存储容量有16/32/64G;颜色有黑/白。

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Screen not responding after replacement

I just purchased a new black IPhone 5 Screen from here. (The one that comes with everything already on it)

I did all the steps it asked me to do...

1) Unscrew the bottom two screws

2) Take the screen off

3) Take the silver part protecting the cables for the screen

4) Unplug the cables off of the screen

5) Put the new screen back on.

I carefully put the new screen back on and there was bunch of white bars and red and blue lines, so I took and off and tried it again. I've tried turning off the phone and doing the home button + power button turn off.

The screen is not responding. The touch isn't working. Everything but the touch screen is working. I can use the home button, etc.,

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Definitely rule out a faulty screen, but if not that, then it is unfortunately drop damage to the touch ic. This glass ic in the iPhone 5 is especially prone to drop damage. I don't offer touch ic replacement service and I don't know anyone that does. :(



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How about the battery did you unplug it ?? (Just curious I dont see it in any step).

Did you wear a glove when you plug the new screen in or do you use any tools?? I once had the white bar because my hand was wet so the water go to the screen connector when I put the screen on. If that was the case just leave it to dry out try again tomorrow .

Make sure you hear a click when you plug the screen cable in.


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Yes, the battery is all plugged in. The screen works, you can see the lock screen and everything its just that it's unresponsive, the touch screen doesn't work. I put everything in correctly as I have done this before...


If you're sure all the connections are made and good then it looks like a faulty screen. It's not unheard of to get defective replacement screens.

Sometimes I get thick white bands going down and across the screens on iPhone 5's, I have been told this is due to static and removing the screen and leaving it for half an hour usually cures it.


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