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MBA power up issue after water exposure.

Hi community,

I spill orange juice on my macbook air and after I clean up a little, it worked a week before it could not powered up and the charging light is not on. So I disassembled it using the guide and clean almost every component with pure ethanol and after this it worked again. And to be noted, there is no corrosive sign on logic board, no burnt.

I used it for 1 hours and put it into sleep as usual. When I got up yesterday. It cannot powered up again.

So I decided to disassemble again and check if there is anywhere with juice that I missing. I cleaned it again and assembled it again. It worked again, like normal, and there are 85% battery left . But today, it stopped working again, can't power up, can't be charged....

INow I am sitting in front of my laptop and wondering what to do next.

I have digital multimeter and can access to any kind of solvent, but do you think using distilled water and pure isopropanol will make much difference? Do I have to immerse it into the solvent or just wipe it?

Any suggestion would be great.


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Yes often the board must be immersed and scrubbed with a soft brush to clean it. However if there's a blown component cleaning will not repair it.

I wonder if the SMC chip is bad… you're sort of going the long way around to accomplish an SMC reset, completely removing then reapplying power.

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Hi there,

Thank you for your kind reply, I have tried to use soft SMC reset by pressing Shift-Control-Option and power key, but it doesn't help. Now I am looking where the smc chip is on board and try remove it alone and see what will happen.

Just update that after a thorough clean with MilliQ water and propan-2-ol laptop come back to life and now working flawlessly.



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