Apple发布于2012年9月12日的第六代iPhone,维修时与前代型号一样,需要螺丝刀和撬棒。iPhone 5以多种版本销售:通讯制式有GSM/CDMA;存储容量有16/32/64G;颜色有黑/白。

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home button not working

bought iphone 5 display assembly with home button and front camera/fix kit (IF 118-028-3) from you to replace broken front screen. phone powers back on. home button slow to show on face. can swipe to different pages, but pushing home button won't bring me back to home page and once i go to any app, can't leave it til i power phone off and on. home button doesn't work. defective?

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I received a new board from iFixit question is there supposed to be blue film underneath the two dots copper dots that need to be attached to the housing do you have to take that blue film off or do you leave the blue film on


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You have been given good advice here. Can you answer this question?

Open your phone.

With the screen attached, turn it on.

Swipe and open an app.

*USING METAL TWEEZERS, TOUCH BOTH OF THE GOLD PRONGS AT THE SAME TIME---the gold prongs are at the bottom of the phone on the dock connector slightly to the left of the where the home button would be.


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I did what you said and when I touch them to go prongs it leaves the app and goes back to the page I was on when I touch the two gold prongs again goes to the homepage

Thank you the home button still doesn't work otherwise but it does work when I do what you suggested

Then transfer the home button from the old screen to the new screen, and you should be fine.

Yes! Perfect--this means that you don't have any board damage. So to solve, you order a new home button flex. Two screws to install it on the bottom of your screen and you're done. Congratulations!


Received a new board for my fix it there's a blue fell under the two copper dots that are on the screen section is that blue film have to come off so that the dots are permanently attached to the back of the screen



First, and just for the sake of trying, try a hard reboot (press & hold Home Button and Power Button together for ~12 seconds then release. If the iPhone does not restart, press on Power button).

If rebooting doesn't change anything, look at this guide, step 31, right under the screw circled in red. There are two prongs that you can also see in step 32 of the same guide.

1/ Make sure they are there, in the shape and appearance that you see in step 32, and not bent, broken, or anything. If they're broken or missing, you will need to change the lightning connector using that same guide.

2/ If the prongs are there, connect the screen but do not snap it back in place. Then turn on the iPhone, go to settings>general>accessibility>assistive touch / turn it on. Then short the 2 prongs.

2-A/ If you are taken out of settings and back to home screen, it means the home button function is working fine, and you need to replace the home button flex cable attached to the screen using this guide.

2-B/ If you are not taken out of the settings App and back to the home screen, it means the home button function is not working properly.

2-B-i/ Disconnect then reseat the lightning connector from the logic board. If this doesn't help:

2-B-ii/ Examine the logic board between the battery and the sim card holder. If you see something missing/broken off, you could have a "prying" problem meaning something broke off during previous manipulation, and needs micro-soldering skills to be repaired. If you do not have the needed skill, we can point you towards someone with experience in this kind of repair.

2-B-iii/ It could be some other issue on the logic board => better try/exclude all the above before exploring in details what else could be wrong on the logic board.

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Just so you know everything worked perfectly fine on my phone except I had a broken screen I purchased I purchased a new screen for my fix-it it had everything attached when I reattach the cables the home button done did not does not work they need to replace my whole screen I've got a virtual home button now through part of your your fix it you told me about the accessibility switch but they need to replace my whole board


If it worked before with old one and not with the new on on new assembly then yes sounds like it's faulty.. Just replace with the old part


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I did that still doesn't work

Disconnected all the cables reconnected all the cables still doesn't work everything else on the phone works except The home button

Problem is with gold prongs on lighting post assembly.

Tilt up screen with phone still turned on and touch both gold prongs at same time with metal object , screw driver will go the trick.. Now when you do this does the screen activated? Make sure you lock screen before for touch the prongs .

Let us no what happens

What do you mean by lock screen?

It means press the power button once to turn the screen off (not shut the phone off).


by the way when replacing the screen on a iPhone 5 you don't need to replace the home botton or front camera you can carefully take them off the old screen and put them on the new screen also baring in mind be careful of the ribbon cables as they're very easy to break so id recommend switching the home button with the old home button from the old screen also the front camera hope this helps


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