Sim card tray is stuck.

Basically it's been a nightmare from the off. He got the phone, it wouldn't read the sim card so he went to O2 and got a new one to put inside, that sim wouldn't work either so it was obviously the phone. Anyway, he came home and had another go at it, as you do and somehow got the sim card tray stuck, the tray hasn't gone in flush like it should so it won't come out now.

He sent it back to where he bought it from, letting them know what happened and they've basically said it's not covered on the warranty because it's physical damage inflicted by yourself and they are sending it back. My mum daren't tell him because it's cost him like £450 and she's asked me to figure out what to do. I mean, if he gets the tray/sim card removed from a phone repair shop and sends it back again they are going to claim the damage was inflicted due to him buggering up the tray, right?

I'm not sure what to do, if I somehow remove the tray the phone essentially is still useless.

What are his options? Desperate times.

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