12.1" netbook released in September 2010. Powered by an Intel ATOM D525 dual core processor running at 1.8 Ghz and NVIDIA ION graphics processor.

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Replace Hard Drive with Solid State Drive

My Asus 1215N netbook has a 320 Gbyte hard drive. I would like to know if it can be replaced with SSD drive. If so, are there any limitations or features which I should look for in a replacement drive.

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Yes, you could replace your HD with a SSD as long as the SSD is able to run at SATA II (3.0 Gb/s).

You may want to think about how much stuff you plan to store on your drive. SSD's tend to be expensive as you go to larger sizes.

You may want to concider going with a SSHD which is a hybrid drive (SSD and HD in one device). The SSD acts as a deep cache to give you the speed, and the HD offers deep storage space - The best of both!

Seagate make a nice one, here's the product page: Seagate Laptop SSHD. These drives also have auto SATA port speed detection so it will work in your system.

Here's the needed steps to open your system to get to the drive: Asus Eee PC 1215N Hard Drive Replacement


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I did replace the standard 250Mb HDD with a Transend 256 SSD. And I can report that boot times are half and the overall performance of the Asus 1215N is 25% better. The bigger the SSD the faster the 1215N will be. I used an Intel 80Gb SSD to test and found good performance boost, and with the 256 Transend SSD even better performance: upgrade to SSD is recommended, I don't regret it.




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