Weird battery status on Samsung Galaxy SL i9003?


I need some help with my phone.

I had some crashing problems (Facebook, Gapps and so on) so I found a solution on xda developers that was: take the phone apart and break the internal SD (in order to make it unavailable for the phone).

After that, I had to make a swap between the internal and the external SD (and I did it by uploading a particular text file via ADB).

OK, it worked.

Unfortunately, as soon as I rebooted the phone, the battery started to go crazy.

It appears not charged even if it is.

I can read "0s on battery" if I check its status...

So if I unplug the cable the phone turns off...

It's not a problem of battery charging though because when the phone is turned off it gets recharged correctly...

There is something in the software that can't read the correct battery status... something I touched caused that?

I already tried to replace the firmware and reset the battery stats in the recovery but it didn't work...

Any idea?

Thanks guys : )

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