Does anyone know where I can find a replacement screen or unit?

*I've searched through your site and haven't found anything. Apologies if this question has already been posted and I missed it.*


I have an old Vizio HDTV model # VW26LHDTV10F. Unfortunately said TV has a damaged LCD panel and there's now a giant bruise which resembles a jelly fish starring me in the face. I'm having an extremely hard time finding a replacement either oem or third party. I've looked online at all the major retailers, auction sites, and have even contacted Vizio themselves. No dice on any of them.

I am loathe to part with the unit as everything else is still in perfect working order and sadly it fits my needs better than most modern HDTV's due to the amount of legacy inputs it has. If anyone knows where I can find a replacement screen or even a non functional unit with an intact screen please reply. Thank you and have a good day or night depending on your location.

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what size

The unit is 26 inches.