Battery replaced, old 10.95, new 11.1 V , not charging still?


I have a MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Early 2011.

Recently, the old battery stopped working so I bought a replacement from Anker (from UK).

the new battery worked fine for the initial charge it came with. But the adapter is still not charging this battery. So the LED remained green and when the battery was exhausted, the laptop shut down.

I compared the old and new batteries and found that old one had the specification:

10.95v -- 63.5wh

And the new one from Anker has :

11.1v, 5800 mah , 64 wh.

Could this be an issue ? Could this be something to do with the charge controller? or Power adapter ?

Thanks in advance!

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Try resetting the SMC. Follow this Apple TN: Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC).


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Hello Dan,

Thanks, but I already tried it.

I spoke to Apple, they say, could be an issue with the Logic board or charge controller. Is there a way we can check that?

Also are these batteries compatible?


Over time the technology used to make LiOn batteries has improved. The slight difference between the battery sets is not an issue here you are just seeing the improvement over time here. Whats important is to make sure the wiring of the set is correct. Did the supplier state clearly this was a compatible battery for your system?

True you could have a charging circuit issue here where a new logic board will be needed. But, before you go there lets finish doing the basics.

Download this little gem coconutBattery it will report the status of the battery and the charging circuit.

Thank you very much Dan!

Let me download the coconutbattery. But one thing. The laptop wont turn on when I have the battery connected. So I have to remove the battery and then I bypass SMC to turn it on. I think in that case, it can only show the status of the charging circuit.

Thanks again!




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