boots up but gets stuck buffering after log in.

Been having this problem for a while. I can boot up my mac completely fine. it goes to the log in screen as usual. i am able to click on my account, and type in my password. i click enter and it starts to load with the thinking wheel and the apple logo. It stays like that for a good 15 seconds before going completely grey with the mouse on the screen. it then just has a flat grey screen with the thinking wheel. after that it changes between the all grey one, to a brighter grey one, and then the grey one with the wheel. i'm not sure what's going on. i tried to boot in safe mode to see if that would fix it. however it would not boot in safe mode. it would just go straight to the log in screen. i believe i'm running OSX lion. (I have a mid 2010 MacBook Pro 13") Please help me!

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Do you still have your recovery disk that came with the system? If not do you have the retail version of the OS-X CD/DVD? Do you have an external drive which you prepped as a bootable disk? Try booting up under it.

If you have none of these options: Do you have a friend that has a Mac or can you get to one? If so prep up a USB thumb drive off of his system using Disk Utility to format the disk and the OS installer he has on his system. See if you can copy over the OS installer to the thumb drive as well as you may need to re-install the OS.

OK, either you have managed to boot up under the Apple CD/DVD or an external HD/thumb drive. Using Disk Utility try repairing the permissions of your internal disk, you may need to run it a few times to make sure all of the errors are caught. I would also take the time to repair the disk its self as well after you fix the permissions.

If the disk was repairable try rebooting this time using your internal drive is it fixed?

If not you may want to refresh the OS. But before you do you want to use the one you have on your system or something newer. There is a down side if you go with a newer OS as you may find some of your apps may not work any more and will need to be upgraded.


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