Model A1312 / Mid 2011 / 2.7 & 3.1 GHz Core i5 or 3.4 GHz Core i7 Processor, ID iMac12,2

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What adapter do I need to install a newer Airport Card?

I saw that there is a continuity/handoff activation tool that allows Macs with upgraded airport cards to use those features on Yosemite.

Here is the Link

I understand that I need an Apple Broadcom BCM94360CD Airport Card but what adapter do I need to get it to fit in the slot?

It looks like this is what I need:

Can anyone confirm before I spend $100 and crack open my iMac?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Did you succeed in using Handoff and Continuity features with iMac 2011?

Yes, using a Bluetooth Dongle that is supported. Review this Continuity Activation Tool for all of the details.

Can someone point to where the USB cable is plugged into? iMac 2011 27"



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First the AirPort board and the Bluetooth board are located at different parts of the system. So you will need to move the antenna connection over to the AirPort boards location.

As far as I know there is no swappable AirPort board with Bluetooth that would work here. I'm not sure this adapter would work either (Note its for a MacPro system not an iMac).

I would press them on more information (outline on what you need to do here).


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Thanks for responding Dan. I completely forgot that the two boards were separate. I'm going to see if I can get a response from the OSXwifi team. The thing that gave me hope is that the adapter and card were successfully used with a mid 2007 iMac.

Here is a link to that (just incase someone stumbles upon this and is interested) :

I'll keep a watch on the various forums I frequent and see if anyone is successful. I'll report back if it is.

Hi John!

Thanks for being the pioneer on this… I'm on the exact same boat, with the difference that I want to do this mod on a late 2009 27'' Core i5 (now Core i7, ever since I've swapped the processor) EMC 2374.

Like you, I also saw that mod, and had my interest piqued… But I'm really not feeling the “custom USB connector” part; can anyone here on iFixit chime in on that?

Anyway, I hope you find more info and post it here, and I'll be sure to do the same if I do, too.

John, While some people are claiming they where able to do it, I'm still not sure if the parts & methods used could be packaged as an upgrade kit. It's still early so a solution could come about. Don't forget each series will need to be checked out. Hopefully the needed parts can be simplified to a common collection of parts across multiple systems for the iMac's.

thanks for leaving the link to the 2007 iMac. thats exactly what I'm looking at right now. just ordered a E8135 out of a 2008 iMac to upgrade my 2007 so I have sse4.1 instructions to be able to boot macOS. And now looking for this for continuity support


Hi everyone, I know that this question was being answered and researched by iFixit, however I may have a solution. has both the Broadcom BCM94360CD and the Mini PCI-E board available for under $60 dollars. This solution will work for the 2011 27' Inch iMac and requires no modifications to drivers (known as Kext files on the mac), I have done this same modification with a retina MBP 15' so I know drivers were not needed. Like Dan said you will need an extension cable for the U.FL connector on the existing bluetooth board (link below) to get to the new Airport card as Bluetooth is now included on the board. In addition you may need to route USB Data +&- to the adaptor board if the BTLE still says not supported, the reason is Apple included a USB channel on some Mini-PCI-E buses (like the mac pros) but not on others. Since the 2011 model has a separate BT board there is a good chance you'll need this extra USB Data pin adaptor (which is included in the kit I spec'd), all you have to do is plug the bare wire into the connector for the old BT board and tape it up nicely (link below for instructions).

However a new software workaround was created for Broadcom based Airport cards that allowed the use of Bluetooth 4.0 LE dongles (The recommendation is to look for dongles based on the Broadcom BCM20702 chip, which are similar to the ones used by Apple in their Continuity compatible Macs. A few examples: Asus BT400, IOGEAR GBU521, GMYLE, and many others. Compatibility CSR dongles is not guaranteed).

Software Work Around with Dongle

BCM94360CD Card

Version 1.0 (without USB out support Blue Tooth Low Energy may not work without this)

Version 3.0 (with USB out support for BTLE)

U.FL Male to U.FL Female Cable 1 ft

Pinout For USB + & -

I hope this helps, and when I get this working on my 2011 iMac I'll update with a guide.


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Also for the software work around please be aware you MUST HAVE BROADCOM CHIPSET, the Atheros chipset will not work unfortunately.

You beat me to it Erik ;-} Just tried the dongle on one system and it works!

Dan & Erik, this is great, thank you. Did you have to route the USB on the 2011 iMac to make everything work right?

Not sure I follow you here. This is a simple plug and play USB dongle using one of the external USB ports of the system.


What if one was to use a BROADCOM CHIPSET wifi & bluetooth 4 usb dongle? Would that not solve both the Atheros chipset wifi problem and the bluetooth 4 problem at the same time. Would this work on my mid 2010 20" iMac?


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Review this Continuity Activation Tool for the details on what is possible for the different systems.



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