Swapping out logic board i7 mid 2012 i5 mid 2012

I have a question about swapping out logic boards. I have the Macbook pro Mid 2012 13 in i5 model 2.5 GHZ I want to swap it out with the i7 logic board and 2.9GHZ both released the same year. The model A1278 is the same and when I went on a couple of sites to check out whether or not the parts were compatible countless times it was proven they were. Yet I have been told by a technician who wants me to pay them to work on my computer that it is not possible. I already know how to fix my computer I follow the ifix it guides to a T and have done several repairs myself. The only thing I have not done is attempt the swapping of the logic boards. Please someone tell me one way or another if this is possible

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First I would check the specs of the logic boards comparing between the models they came from. Access the site: EveryMac with in it you can compare the specs of the two systems: EveryMac comparison.

Given the differences are so slight I don't think the costs of the replacement logic board and the risks or damage are worth doing here. You ale need to be careful here in understanding the GeekBench test is designed to push the system to the max. Most apps don't come close in doing that as an example Hyper-threading which is the biggest difference between the i5 & i7 chips here is not leveraged in most apps!

This is independent of your question on swapping the boards will work or not.

Frankly, I think you will find it cheaper and safer to find a used system with better specs to switch out your system with and then sell yours to recover most if not all of the cost.

The only reason I would attempt doing this is if the logic board has a problem. You are treading on ground most of us just don't do.


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Hello all,

I am in the same boat as Rebecca. And my logic board (i5) was recently water damaged. I have a lull in work, thus time to fix my Mac rather than have to immediately purchase a new computer. So I wonder if I'm able to beef mine up some more by replacing the lb with an i7.

Appreciate your insight or links to source info.




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Go to EveryMac web site locate your system and the series ID (i.e. MacBookPro9,2) then look up all of the systems within this series these are your choices of new logic board.


Apple tech told me it wasn’t possible I went with his knowledge ordered a new 2018 loaded problem solved


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He's a good salesman ;-}

Many of the Mac's have a collection of models within the series often times three. So if you have the base system you tend to have two others available to upgrade to. As an example look at this: MacBookPro9,1 series. Here you can see three different models.

Now Apple directly won't do an upgrade as they want you to buy new!

But! You could give it a try your self or find a local repair person who is skilled in doing Mac's having them do it.

For reference heres the IFIXIT guide for the series I've spoken about: MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display Late 2012 Logic Board Replacement and if you look in the guide you'll find what IFIXIT sells for logic boards. But before you do anything find your system using this tool: EveryMac - Lookup plug your systems serial number and then click on the ID string to find the other systems within your series.

Now the question: Are you happy buying the new system? Considering all of the changes Apple is forcing on you. If you are go for it! Otherwise do consider canceling your order and bring your older system back to life!



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