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What part would I need to buy to have bluetooth 4.0?

I have the 21.5 2011 iMac and although my bluetooth is working, I cannot use the new features of Yosemite because it's not bluetooth 4.0... it's 2.1. Based on this guide, I can indeed replace the bluetooth board, but is there a compatible bluetooth 4.0 board out there? I have scoured the internet and cant seem to find anything.

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Apple has jumped around with quite a few different assemblies each have a different connection to the logic board. Right now there is no option for you. Besides the developer copy of Yosemite uses your systems ID to configure what services are workable so even if you got the needed Bluetooth 4.0 working the Hand Off services won't work.

I would wait until the finial build is released and people have had a chance to see what is possible.


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I couldn't find a 4.0 Bluetooth board either. Of course it’s not ideal but it would work is using a 4.0 Bluetooth usb dongle. I don't know for certain, but you might have to turn off your onboard Bluetooth to get your dongle working. If you need Bluetooth that badly it’s an idea.


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Actually that is one thing that as of right now doesn't work. USB dongle no workie for handoff. Also, the computer can only handle one bluetooth card at a time, and a USB one doesn't start working until after the OS loads, so no keyboard or mouse in pre-boot if you use a usb bluetooth dongle.

I wouldn't be surprised if third party developers do manage to get handoff working on older Macs within a few months, but since I'm in the beta I'm already using Yosemite so it would have been nice.

Thanks for your answers guys.

You may want to read this: ArsTechnica - Handoff services. Basically, you're ahead of the curve while Apples apps will be the first the rest of the pack needs to release updated apps (both iOS & OS-X) to leverage it.


See Is there a Bluetooth 4.0 solution? and thread.

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