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Rear Speakers - Sound issues

Hi Guys,

My macbook sounds noisy and unclear. But, on head phones it very good. Will it be a hardware issue? or could it be software related?

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Could be your speakers. should not be a software issue since the audio IC will remain the same. Could be a preamp issue. I'd go check the speakers first.

Thanks mate.


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Did someone spill a drink into the keyboard? I've had a few systems which had soda spilled which with the dust from the fan messed them up.

I would start by doing a good job cleaning up the dust within the system and replace the speaker. If something did get spilled you'll need to clean it up as well.


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Hi Dan - Did not spill anything. I started noticing this over the past 3 months and I thought this could be because of Windows 8 I am running as dual boot. Thought it might to do something with drivers?

I tried cleaning the Fan and pulled out the rear speaker and cleaned it , but no luck. Do you think, it is just the speakers' hardware? and I get this irritating noise when the volume is above 70% , below, its difficult to hear anything :)

Is it a buzzing sound? It might be something loose which is vibrating when the speakers volume and/or tone is just right to set it off. I've found loose parts are often the cause. See if you can find a tone generator app to walk through the different tones. Something like this: AudioTest

Frankly, the built-in speaker is not very good in this model. You might find a JamBox or other plug in external speaker will offer better fidelity.



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