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Can I trace my stolen PowerBook using the IP address?

I had a PowerBook and it was stolen. Can it be found using the IP address if and when someone connects to the internet? Please let me know if you have information on how to recover my PowerBook.


Sorry about the mistake. I didnt mean the IP address that was wrong. What i meant was the computers permanent ID. When sighning onto the Internet there is always something from my PowerBook that will always be the same no matter what... Correct.? What is that and how do i track it..? Please. thanks much

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Call the police?

Still no way even for a web server to detect the MAC (or physical) address of any hosts attempting to access it. MAC addresses can only be seen locally on a LAN, for example, whilst a router will create a table based on IP addresses, a layer 2 switch uses MAC addresses. So if one has physical access it can be determined, but then you might as well just get the serial and all.


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The services Mister790 describes are likely your only hope, unfortunately. If you have any apps on your machine such as Skype or Yahoo messenger which auto-launch, and you can see that "you" are online from another computer, it may conceivably be possible to have authorities track this use down to the ISP, and then the ISP to the user, but it's a longshot.

Your computer in all likliness had a dynamic IP address (IP that changes constantly depending on where you are, etc.) Unless you had a statically fixed Internet-accessible IP address (such as you might have running a web server, etc.), there is not going to be a way to track it specifically by the IP.

Also, call the police, and definitely call Apple's Applecare line as well. They keep a stolen computer database, and if you have the serial number, they will enter it in, so that if the thief or a future owner of the computer takes it to an Apple store, it will set off a red flag. Similarly, if you are about to buy a computer on CraigsList, call the Applecare line and ask them to run the serial number and make sure it comes up clean. I buy a lot of computers, so I do this fairly often when I'm buying expensive machines that are high-risk.


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ditto with the serial numbers- those are the way to go, one of the best things in fact.

Scenario: Thief has problem with comp (most security softwares find comp's by inducing this btw), thief takes comp to apple store, apple store logs serial, apple store sees its stolen. Thief hopefully traced and caught (if it has been sold and then taken to a store), and you get your computer back!

Too bad though, hope you can get it back somehow- I suggest police are the best way to go though.


If you have Back to My Mac service through MobileMe, you might be able to try the trick described in this article: . Here's the key excerpt:

"Kait Duplaga, a young Apple store employee from White Plains, N.Y., lost her MacBook to thieves in late April, when her apartment was robbed. Police were unable to find the thieves until Duplaga managed to access her stolen computer remotely using the Back to My Mac feature, photograph a man using it, and turn the photos along with identification over to police."

There are also some programs like MacPhoneHome that will help track a stolen computer, but they have to be installed before the computer disappears, unfortunately.


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I lost my samsung s3 mini..i have only imei number..can you help me?


If it was a phone, you can trace by using the phones IMEI number. If it was a tablet you can also follow same method (wireless cellar connection) like a phone. But, a PowerBook is laptop, so you cannot trace it as it does not have a IMEI number. You cannot find the persons exact address, name, or personal details using the IP address. If the person who stole your system connects to the internet, the systems MAC address and IP address he/she is using will logged by the website owner he/she is visiting. But, how will you find the which web sites he/she has connected to? It's just not possible. If he/she uses internet with your powerbook, the IP address on where in the internet he/she connected will different from your internet IP address you had used when you had the system. You can find ISP's location, country, longitude, latitude etc using the IP address but you first need to find that. Visit the site for ISP location details.


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I worked for an ISP and as far as I am aware, calling the police and providing them the IP address and MAC address (the physical address of your ethernet card) of your Powerbook should help. That is, only if that guy will connect to the internet from your computer and only if he hasn't tried to change the MAC address (it is possible)

Hope you'll get it back!


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The MAC address is relevant, but a dynamic IP is not unique and will not stay with the computer, and is therefore of no help. The first time the guy plugs the computer into any functioning network that has a DHCP server on it, it will assume a new dynamic IP address. An ISP would not have visibility of a dynamic IP address on a private network, and would only be aware of that network's publicly-accessible router IP.

Also down vote for the 'change mac address' comment, a mac address is a physical address unique to a NIC which cannot be changed, the only thing that can be done is to replace the NIC with a different one, which would thus have a different MAC address.

Also, as rdklincomrporated said, IP addresses are not unique to your computer.

Please try to research your answers better before posting.



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