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Won't burn DL DVDs anymore

After successfully recording somewhere around 15 Double Layer DVDs on my MacBook Pro over a lapse of 6 months, I have not been able to record them anymore.

Using the same brand of media I used earlier with success, the drive now throws some sort of "Media Error" message when somewhere like the middle of the recording process and just aborts the recording.

I think I might have spent more money on spoiled DL DVDs than a new Superdrive's worth.

Is there something I might try to do that might fix this? Or should I just go and disemburse $129 for a new drive?

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You could try one of those drive cleaning discs with the little brush on them, or spraying some compressed air into the slot - in case there is some dust interfering with the lenses.

There are multiple lasers for reading and writing the various media (CD, DVD, DVD-DL).

But this sounds like a laser has failed in the optical drive - if it is still under warranty, I would take it to Apple for repair. If not under warranty, it might be more cost-effective to get an external burner.


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Hi David, thanks for your comments.

Yes, it does record DVDs and CDs normally. Not so with DL DVDs, it's the only thing it does not seem to be willing to do anymore.

I already disassembled the unit and gave it a good cleaning with compressed air; next step before inquiring into any expense will be to clean the lens with a special solutions I have for cleaning CCD sensors in my Digital DSLR Nikons.

Hope this works, if not it is definitely a hardware failure. Warranty expired one month ago, curiously enough, precisely one year after purchase...

Will keep you posted on any development.

The external burner is a definite GO, specially considering the availability of Bluray units...

Regards and thanks again.


Sound's like a problem with the media however, does it work fine on a regular or any other CD/DVD?


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Any chance you've gotten stuck with a bad batch of DL DVDs this time 'round? Have you tried to burn these DVDs in a different machine or tried a different brand/batch in your current machine?


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Definitely a bad batch of DL DVD's, it burns other disks fine, so it is definitely the DL DVDs, sucks, but they're pretty much worthless looks like. Try to store them in a not-so-variable and stable environment.


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Thanks for your advise Mister790. Anyway, I don't think the problem might be the DL DVD batch I bought. I also tried with Verbatims to no avail.

I think it is definitely a Hardware issue...



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