Mid 2009 Model A1278 / 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo processor EMC 2326

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Battery is not charging. How to solve?


I just installed my new battery on my MacBook Pro 13" mid 2009.

The power cable is connected, but the icon says "Battery Is Not Charging".

Tried to reboot with SMC, but did not work.

This is the information that appears in my System Report:

Battery Information

Model Information:

Pack Lot Code: 0

PCB Lot Code: 0

Firmware Version: 201

Hardware Revision: 000a

Cell Revision: 165

Charge Information:

Charge Remaining (mAh): 0

Fully Charged: No

Charging: No

Full Charge Capacity (mAh): 5856

Health Information:

Cycle Count: 1

Condition: Normal

Battery Installed: Yes

Amperage (mA): 0

Voltage (mV): 11006

Hardware Configuration:

UPS Installed: No

AC Charger Information:

Connected: Yes

ID: 0x0100

Wattage (W): 60

Revision: 0x0000

Family: 0x0085

Charging: No

Anyone can help?

Thank you!


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Where did you get the battery? What was your old battery doing?

Bought the new one on iFixit last week. The old one was 2000+ cycles.


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Try putting the old battery back in does it show it's charging? If it does the new battery is defective. If on the other-hand showing the same failure the charging circuit has a problem.

You may want to get this free app: CoconutBattery it's a bit more useful.


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Ok, I'll try to put the old one in and let you know how it goes.

Thanks for the "Coconut" suggestion, it's a useful tool.

Do you think it could also be a charger problem?

Are you getting a green or orange MagSafe LED

Are you getting a red or black X icon?

The MagSafe LED is constantly orange.

Unfortunately I did not have the time to change the battery yet.

Hi Mayer, which X are you referring to?

Thanks everyone

On the battery icon in the menu



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