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Why doesn't my MacBook start?


my macbook (Penryn 2,4 Ghz, 2 GB RAM, 160 GB - early 2008) is not starting after pressing the power button, there is absoulutely no response - no fan, chime, etc.

All I did was I removed one (!) key with a toothpick and blew dust away below it when my mac was off.

Also, I connected a mini display to hdmi adapter I bought from ebay to my macbook when it was on, but this could not really cause any harm. All I know is that after shutting down the device like usually it won't start.

I checked the trouble shooting guide, but I want to make sure it is the logic board.

My battery is charged fully and the mag-safe light is green when I connect it to my mac without a battery.

Thanks for answers.

(I searched the guide and questions history, but couldn't find appropriate help.)

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Did you use some cleaner which may have leaked in some how when you popped the key off? A blast of can'ed air shouldn't be a problem here. If you used a vacuum that could do some harm (don't).

Just to be clear the HDMI adapter was plugged in after the system failed to start correct?


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I didn't use any cleaner, I just blew the dust off with my mouth, that is

I was working on my macbook when I plugged the hdmi adapter in, just the adapter though, nothing on the other side of the adapter. I just wanted to make sure if the adapter really fitted. It did, so I unplugged it and continued surfing with the mac. Then I shut my mac down. After some hours I wanted to turn it on, but no response.

Hard to say if the adapter was the cause. Try holding the power button for about 15 sec's to see if it will reset the system.

Unfortunately that didn't help. I tried that a couple of times. No response.



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