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Can a white screen mean a bad screen?

So I recently just repaired my 32GB iPod Touch 4th Gen. I replaced the back plate, battery and the front screen.

But as usual with most screen repairs I got a white screen when I powered it on. I did the usual hard reset but still got a white screen.

So I made sure the connections were good and tried again and I still got a white screen.

I did the three button reset trick (home, volume up, and power) and even did a complete restore of the device but the screen would not cooperate.

So I decided to connect the old screen (still worked just shattered) and when I powered it on with the old one I got a white screen as expected so I did a hard reset and the Apple logo showed up and everything on the device was working as it should.

So does this mean I have a bad screen? Or is it just something else? I just want to make sure before I go out and buy another screen.

Many thanks,


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Yea if old one is working ok then it's a bad screen


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