4th Generation Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station (Model Number A1354)

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WAN port and 1st Ethernet port not working

Lightning hit close to my house and apparently there was a surge through the network that damaged my cable modem, computer ethernet port and a few of the AirPort Extreme network ports. The power for all of the equipment is on a UPS, but not the cable from the outside. As a result the WAN and 1st Ethernet port seem to be dead, but the other two ports work. However, without the WAN port I can not gain connectivity. The wireless portion of the unit seems to work fine. I replaced the cable modem and tried reseting the Airport to no avail. I fear that all is lost! Any ideas? I have not disassembled the unit...yet.

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Sadly, there's not much you can do internally in this case. Its' time for a new unit.

As for preventing it the next time:

Speak with your cable provider and see what they say first.

If they push back onto you, go to a good electrical supply house pickup a copper grounding rod and the needed clip and wire. Hammer the rod into the earth near the entry point of the cable into your house. Make sure you know whats in the ground where you are planing to hammer the rod into i.e. DigSafe. You will need to ask the cable operator to come in to cut and splice the cable for the grounding connection and attach the heavy gage (#8 or #10) copper wire to your rod.

This should prevent the charge from entering via the cables connection. You may also want to speak to an electrician on checking your buildings electrical services ground. Even still this will only stop entry it won't stop a direct hit.


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Thanks for your expeditions response. I figured as much regarding the AE, but was wondering if anyone had a magic spell they could lend me.

I will do as you suggested regarding the cable grounding. It's ironic that I spent the money on UPS units throughout my house to prevent this, and it finds another way in!

Sorry the witchdoctor stepped out for a cup of coffee ;-}

I love autocorrect...I meant to type expeditious, not expeditions! LOL

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Thanks Dan! Sorry about that, I'm new to this. I am assuming that the higher number is better so I changed it to 3.




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