Beeping sound after upgrading RAM. The old RAM work fine.


I just bought 2 chips of PC3-10600 8 GB RAM

When I upgraded my RAM I got a beeping sound, three group of beeping. The sound stopped after using my old RAM and my MacBook pro worked just fine. What can I do?

Thank you for your help!

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i'm have getting the beeping too if i install one or both of the original ram sticks i am fine and i can install one of the new sticks in ether the top or bottom with an original in the other slot its okay. but if i try ether of the new sticks alown or both of them the beeping starts. both of the replacement sticks work with a original.

Ija Mofasta, you won't get much help on this problem as it's from 2014 which has been solved. Check these solutions and if they don't help then you need to ask your own question


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This is usually caused by defective RAM, according to Apple it means that the RAM did not pass an integrity check. It's possible that one of the sticks of ram you bought was defective and is causing this error. You can troubleshoot further by testing each module of new RAM at a time, if it boots with just one of the sticks, then you know which one is bad. Other than that, PC3-10600 is the correct type of memory for this computer so you didn't buy the wrong part, once you figure out which one is bad, try exchanging it for a new one from wherever you bought it.


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It boots with just one. Does that mean it's a bad RAM and I should return it?

Yes, you shouldn't need to return the module that it works with unless you bought a kit or two-pack and the seller won't let you return them individually. I'd recommend contacting the seller about returns

Thank you! I contacted the seller.

I don't think that is the problem,

I have been installing RAMs , in the beginning you will think it is from the RAM but as you keep on switching places it will finally settle , and will boot normally

Try taking it out and putting it back in again and swapping slots before you go the the trouble of returning it. It might not have been inserted perfectly. I just had this problem and swapped slots and now the machine works fine.


It is not uncommon to run into these types of issues related to memory when attempting RAM upgrades. I would suggest always replacing both sticks (if applicable) with the exact same type of RAM, and please make sure the RAM is of the specifications of your particular Mac, PC, etc. I would suggest first trying to clear the NVRAM if you have issues after RAM install. TO do that: shutdown your computer, turn it on and IMMEDIATELY after hearing the hard drive kick, press and hold at the same time, the COMMAND, Option, P, and R keys. Hold the keys until your computer restarts.


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I have just faced this problem, too. I have a 4GB RAM and I wanted to install another 4GB RAM in the other socket. I have also tested both RAMs and they both work separately. Is it possible that, one of the sockets of my laptop mıght be broken, or is there anyone who could get rid of this problem?


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Im having this exact same issue. I know the RAM is good because when I switch them individually they both work in one of the slots but not the other. Did you find a soultion?

i am facing the same problem



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