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I cracked my screen, why isnt my rear-cam or light tool working?

I dropped my 4s just over a month ago and the front screen cracked ( i have not got this repaired...YET) i tried accessing my back camera and i saw that it no longer worked ( the first few days after the incident it worked but had lines/smears/smudges) After that it just began freezing and i have had no access to it whatsoever.. I also discovered just last yesterday that my flash-light tool (torch in the swipe up menu) decided to stop working. I want to know if i do get my screen replaced normally(digitalizer&LCD etc.) that these problems would be fixed?

i have been told a range of different answers and some places want to charge me extra money for this problem which is. The touch on the phone is still immaculate in all places along with my front facing camera that too is still very good... I am very confused and wanting to know if its worth the money or if i should just upgrade. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

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No a screen replacement will not fix this it needs a new camera as your has most likely went faulty..

But first thing I would do is to make sure the connector hasent come loose


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