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Can broken adapter stem be pushed out after G4 disassembly?

I see your excellent step-by-step tear-down of the G4 ("Installing PowerBook G4 Aluminum 15" 1.67 GHz DC & Sound Card") but is it necessary to replace the DC-In board at the end or can a broken stem just be shoved out?

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Thank you both for your thoughtful replies. Will try. FF

In the end, after much consternation and a little money invested in the tools, I pried the thing out with a paper clip. Big relief. Thank you for your kind and excellent help. FF


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Sometimes the small metal bar on the back of the DC IN port can be gently pulled out enough to release the broken tip. Once the tip is out, just push the bar back into place.


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+ Ralph


I recently repaired my PowerBook G4 15" Aluminum 1.0GHz DC/Usb Soundcard for the exact same reason. It is NOT possible to push the stem out from behind the jack because it is enclosed. I removed the stem by lying on the ground, computer partly supported by my coffee table with the dc part off the edge, and used a safety pin to depress the latch that is inside the jack, then wiggled the computer around until the stem came into center view. I used very sharp tipped tweezers to grasp the stem and then pulled it out. The tweezers are NOT house-hold type tweezers but the type used to work on electronics. Hopefully your board is not damaged. Hope this helps.


Did you try a replacement charger to see if it works? Sadly, I had to replace my USB/DC Soundboard in the the end


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