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How to Profit from iCloud Locked iPod 5th Gen

My goal was to fix the cracked screen and sell the device.. turns out it is iCloud locked.. what can I do to make a profit off it now, suggestions?

Thank you

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does anyone wanna buy an icloud locked ipod 5th gen live in Girrawheen, Perth 6064


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That's pretty difficult to bypass. You need to get the original owner to unlock it for you.


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no you don't

can you help me

@wwe, if by "no you don't" you're saying the new owner doesn't have to get the original owner to unlock an iCloud locked device then by all means tell us all how your're able to do something nobody else can do. Share your divine wisdom.

@Ryan, I went through AT&T and Apple. Both apologized deeply but confirm the device has to be removed from the original owner's account before it can be easy fully for activation. I bought an iPhone 4s for the display and decided to try to get it unlocked first. I'll be contacting the seller to find out if that person has an email address for the original owner. If he or she does, I'll be begging them to email that person with my info.


Try honesty. Bite the bullet. Contact the owner and tell them what happened. That you bought it, repaired it with out knowing it was locked. Give it back. Maybe they will pay you for your expenses. Maybe the Wheel of Karma will smile on you. Maybe you will be the end of a news broadcast story with Scott Pelley.


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this is a common pitfall with refurbishing, sorry this happened to you.

Selling for parts or waiting until some future time when a legitimate iCloud activation bypass exists are your only options.


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