Best way to bend a corner back on housing?

So I'm replacing an iPod Touch 4th gen screen and one corner (top left) is dented inward due to fall damage. The screen can not lay flat without the corner some how bent back into place. Does anyone know any tips on how I can do this? I was thinking plyers but it may make it worse. Thank you!

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iFixit is now selling the G-Tool iCorner for professionally repairing these corners: gTool iCorner

Since the tool is to expensive for just a normal user to buy, you may need to contact a professional like to see if she has bought one yet. This is a new tool so not many repair sips will have it yet.

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gTool iCorner



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Thank you for the link! I do fix screens and maybe this will be a great asset to me one day.

Thanks for posting this...I had no idea such a thing existed and it looks amazing! I'm already trying to justify purchasing one for my shop...

I have one. It works wonders for iPhone 5-5S corners. I use to bang at them without good result. However, it is not working so well on iPads' corners, unless I am not "mastering the technique."

If you get one, when using it on iPhones' corners, I found it best to squeeze a little, wait a little for it to "set", unscrew and verify. Repeat if necessary. Too much squeezing will tear the top piece off the iPhone's frame from the middle frame.

Test it on a scrap frame and you'll see what I mean.


What you're experiencing is one of the toughest aspects of repairing the 4th gen iPod Touch. The tolerance for any irregularities in the aluminum case is very small. In other words, it doesn't take much to prevent the screen from sitting flat in the case.

The best method that I have found for reshaping the corners of the case is to use a small flat head screwdriver, and hammer. Sometimes, you can get behind the plastic bezel and make direct contact with the aluminum case, but somethings that is impossible without damaging the edge of the bezel. Otherwise, the only other way to do it is to pound the flathead screwdriver through the plastic bezel and hope that the edge of the bezel doesn't come off. Honestly, sometimes it's just impossible to avoid damaging the plastic bezel.

After doing some work on the corner, make sure you do some dry fitting before trying to put back together. You really do need to have the screen fit in pretty easily to not have problem with it sitting flat in the long run. My preferred method of dry fitting is to turn the screen over so that the back is facing upward, and then put it into the case. Just be mindful of the digitizer and LCD connectors when dry fitting this way, as they are rather very fragile and easily damaged...especially the digitizer cable. Also, make sure you remove the flimsy screen protector from the factory before dry fitting that way, as that screen protector can often be larger than the glass itself.

Hope that helps. Some others may be able to chime in with their preferred method.


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Thank you so much! Love the amount of time and details you spent writing to me. Thank you! I will be careful and this should work :)

You're welcome!


This tool works great on corners!


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