Early 2011 model, A1278 / 2.3 GHz i5 or 2.7 GHz i7 processor.

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MacBook Pro freezing every hour… Help please!


I have a MacBook Pro 13", 2,3 GHz i5, A1278. It work fine from a month ago when it started to freeze completely after 1 hour working. I turn it on, it work well for 1 hour. After 1 hour exactly, it freeze completely and i only can shut it down by pressing on/off button.

I try to change RAM or to reinstall OS (because off 1 hour limitation working time i can't install last version), but no result...

Have you any idea from where come the problem and how i can solve it?

Thank you

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First you may want to download a Fan & Temp monitoring application like Temperature Gauge Pro. With it you should be able to isolate out if your fan is not working or the temp of your system is running high.

If your temp is running high you'll need to look into a few different causes, like a app that is running wild (use Activity Monitor which is in your utilities folder) and you may need to look at your hard drives health. Try to find your system recovery disk if you got one with your system to boot your system from, then run Disk Utility. Or, create a bootable external HD (USB or better yet FireWire) or CD/DVD to run it from.

Let us know what you discover


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