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How to remove trackpad from MacBook Pro 17" Unibody Mid 2009?


The trackpad in my mid-2009 17" Macbook Pro has developed an unresponsive patch so it seems a replacement is in order.

I have watched a number of videos in which people remove the trackpad from a Macbook Pro but none of the machines involved appear to match my internal configuration.

Specifically, the connector from the trackpad seems to run under the processor. It is as though I need to remove the processor from the logic board in order to disconnect the trackpad.

Can anyone advise whether this is correct or how else I can disconnect the trackpad?


The spec of my machine:

Relevant images:

Block Image

Block Image

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You are correct. A track pad replace (or even an top case replace) on this model is a major project. As a workaround consider using either a Blue-tooth mouse or track-pad.

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Thanks for the reply. Can you provide any more detail about what would be involved?

Nope - never done one but it should be very similar to this: .

Thanks for the link. A major project indeed. Do you have any tips for breathing life back into the trackpad without replacing it entirely? I've tried a number of software approaches (PRAM, SMC reset) to no avail but maybe there are other techniques?

There are no software fixes for hardware problems.

I thought I'd follow up to say that I sourced a replacement trackpad on Ebay and was able to fit it without removing the logic board by running the new cable up the side of the battery. So far, so good.



interesting... do you think you could have just disconnected the trackpad cable and used that cable for the new trackpad?


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I had that after a replacement of the Graphic Card in an official Apple Store every contact to the pad getting interpreted as klick which never get released and in my case it helps to release the Big screw in the middle of your second pic a little bit. If that don`t help here is a tutorial how you can replace it > in short the difference to the 15"-Version is that you have to release all 6 screws and let the "processor from the logic board" untouched! >


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