The second generation of the iPad with Wi-Fi, GSM and CDMA models. Some models were refreshed before the iPad 3. Repair is difficult and requires heat and prying.

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Ipad needs to cool down before use it!

I Bougth an used ipad and after several minutes I get this message " Ipad needs to cool down before use it". The ipad is not hot. I tuned off the ipad and turn it on again, then after several minutes again. I get this message. The process is repeated every time. Please advice.

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Have you tried restarting it and then try wiping it down and carefully re-install your apps (Apple App Store apps only). Is it now stable?

If either fixed it, something you have downloaded or installed is using the CPU hard so your iPad is overheating.


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This is board damage. I have seen it before. If you have a hard time finding someone to repair it, you could look into my complex diagnosis repair on my website (click through my profile to find)



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One advice:

Don't buy second-handed stuff that you can't inspect throughout unless you absolutely trust the seller.

iPads are difficult to inspect/repair but easier to fake good condition. This iPad probably have been improperly repaired from water damage as water damage is the most common cause of false overheating alarms.


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After opening up the ipad, i found that the PMIC has been repaired by Apple before. There was also alot of solder ball around the area. C8155 and C8156 had some solder lead almost shorting at each other. So I took a tin foil to cover PMIC before removing both caps. I was using small noozle and heat around 315 deg to remove the cap. After reworking, testing the board now.


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Repaired by somebody---probably not Apple. Correctly done BGA should not leave solder balls---that is a sign of too high heat.


This is bullshit. Apple knows why this is happening. It's programmed obsoletion and I won't be party to it. I'm switching to Samsung.


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Really, so anyone who has a working unit (most of us) just don't know it's obsolete. We have over 200 of the iPad2 units in the field and they are all cool to the touch an we are using the latest version of the apps we use.

It is simple component damage. Not unlike a brake sensor on a car failing after a couple of years. But maybe you're right. Toyota is bullshit, I'm switching to Honda.

So if anything breaks, it's Apple's fault?

No, Honda is bullshit I'm getting a Kia! ;-}

I think it's all bullshit. Buy a bicycle;-)




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