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Macbook won't start up..

I have problem with my mac book.

When i plug in the power adapter, the light on the front starts glowing. But when i press the power key nothing happens. The light stays glowing, and no fan or hard drive is turned on..

the usb ports do get power..

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Have you tried resetting the PMU and PRAM? That often helps get Apple laptops un-stuck.

Also, has this laptop worked until recently? I'd check the RAM, i.e. verify both RAM slots by removing one module and powering it on, removing the other module and powering it on, etc., in order to verify it does not have a bad slot. Also, try known-good RAM, if you have not seen this laptop work with the existing RAM.

It's a near-new machine, so if it's under warranty, that's worth taking advantage of.


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I've tried the methods for resetting the PMU and PRAM.. but nothing happens as the mac won't boot in any way. I also checked the hardware, disconnected HD, Memory, etc.. but stil that glowing light on the front...

It is under warranty (produced march 2009) but as it was a gift i do not have the invoice so apple won't accept it for service.

You don't need the invoice for the repair. They will check the MBP serial number and their database will tell them when it was bought.


Sound a lot like a logic board problem to me. Not very much you can do. ifixit don't currently have this part and it doesn't look like they have a guide either, sorry there's not much else you can do.


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Agreed, rdkl. Reset the PRAM by holding opt+shift+P+R for a few chimes at start-up, reset the PMU by holding the power button down until the sleep light flashes.


i took it back to apple.

they replaced the logic board and screen under warranty!

thanks for your help!!


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this guys where able to help http://www,


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