Second generation of Wi-Fi iPad, released on March 11, 2011. Model number A1395. Repair is difficult and will require heat.

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Removing the edges of Cracked Screen

The ipad screen literally cracked at the top left and top right corners. I got the rest of the panel off, but can't seem to get these two corners off as it is cracked into small pieces, heavily glued to the corner.

Any tips on removing these micro shards in one piece or as easily as possible?

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A heat gun on low in 4-5 second increments and an iSeasmo. For tiny shards and residual adhesive I would use 99% alcohol, a plastic opening tool to scrape along the plastic mid-frame, and a microfiber cloth for final clean up. I would do this for the entire mid-frame and everywhere there may be adhesive left over from the old screen.

If you ever have a screen that really comes apart, you can tilt over the ipad and tap it out then use packing tape (for instance on the battery) to stick-n-lift very fine particles--then do the above. If you use an anti-static mat, etc, you can also use packing tape to stick-n-lift leftover glass.

Btw, trust me, one of those little shards gets in your finger, it will fester and become a painful nuisance. And i cannot stress enough, always wear safety goggles, no exceptions.


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What I do personally on these is I get them fairly warm with a heat gun and pick them off with a nylon spudger. Once I get everything large up I just peel all remaining adhesive up with an exacto knife and run the razor along lightly to insure all glass is removed. Even a tiny piece of glass can crack a digitizer when you seat it. As long as you don't hit the small power flex cable that runs to the volume rockers you can't really go wrong. I work on at least 10 of these a week though and trust me you can get these pretty warm without damaging them. When they are warm the adhesive lets go very easily.


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Warm is key are u using a heat gun or other solution?

I was using the ifixit iopener that you heat in the microwave, however, I've just placed an order for a heat gun.

I opener looks ok but can't see it supplying the heat that's needed


You may pick them off as best you can I then use ISO alcohol around the entire frame to get rid off adhesive and glass shards


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