Mid 2009 Model A1278 / 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo processor EMC 2326

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Wont boot, turns off a couple of seconds after power button

Hi, so I was having issues 2 days ago where my macbook pro 13 inch was not booting properly(I had a boot disk snow leopard inserted) the solution was that I gave it a pram reset and I was able to boot. So I removed the disk and restarted my system and it worked just fine. I inserted the boot disk again and I had the same issue as before I couldnt boot. The system would just turn off before the chime(black screen). Again, I gave it a pram reset and it allowed me to boot. Im guessing that whatever determines where you boot from got confused or something. Nevertheless, I thought I was fine until I woke up today to try to use my mbp and it doesnt boot again, except the disk is not inserted. Im guessing its some sort of mothetboard issue which is weird since it was recently replaced by the apple guys. Heres what happens, I press power and after 7 missisipis you hear the computer turn off (like when you press the powerbutton to force turn off you hear that) and the white sleep light turns off but a second later turns back on and stays on. Nothing displays on the screen, it remains black at all times. The battery seems to be charging fine. Put my ear onto the mbp and I hear the HD running and I hear no beeps. I wanted to be able troubleshoot it my self but I need assistance with this one. Thank you for your time.

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If it was recently replaced by Apple you should be talking with them... Try running the Apple Hardware test to see what it finds.

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Update, so I managed to get the macbook to boot. This is how I did it. I pressed the power button. After the 7 seconds it would turn off and go to sleep mode. So what I wanted to test is if the components were working when it was in this sleep state. I insert a disk and it makes all the sounds a disk drive normally makes. Before, the disk was acepted fully, I swiped it out. I press power button for 10 seconds for the power off (from sleep state) and I power on and voila. Since then, I have been able to successfully boot. I have never had such issue and I actually am eager to replicate the issue and figure out a more definite solution. My theory now is that the cddrive is some how messing up the boot process from when I inserted the boot disk. I read about a similiar problem some person had on the apple support site and what fixed this issue was a replacement of the CDdrive. Thanks for the suggestion I will try to see whats the deal and if not I'll bring it to apple.



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