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water damage : won't power up

I have a water damaged Macbook Air (A1369) which had the same dim light and can't smc reset. So i sent it to the technician and they changed the keyboard and it was working fine. Then my itchy fingers did a smc reset and now it's back to square one. It won't turn on no matter what i do? So do you think its the motherboard now?

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Did you ask the technician to repair it or tell them to replace only the keyboard? If there was logic board damage they should have spotted it and recommended repair or replace (unless you told them just to replace the keyboard).

If you asked them tor repair it, and they missed the logic board damage, they should make it good (not you). An advantage to paying for repairs by credit card (if you did that instead of paying cash/check) is that the credit card company will stand behind you in a case where you have a dispute with a vendor.

If you paid cash or check you're on your own getting them to admit they missed damage (you might offer to pay 1/2 of what they think they need now to repair/replace the logic board).

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No i just told them to repair it and they said it was the power on button on the keyboard and fixed it. anyway they won't take the blame as they will say it worked fine after changing the keyboard.

i have just ordered and changed the logic board and now it works fine but the technician charged me £190 quids for repair and keyboard which i think its a rip off!



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