iPhone4S是第五代iPhone。网络制式为GSM/CDMA ,存储容量有8GB、16GB、32GB、64GB可选,机身颜色有黑色、白色可选。维修iPhone4S是容易的,需要耐心,用到的工具有螺丝刀、撬棒等。

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Can't slide to unlock stuck in welcome screen

i did

soft reset

hard reset

can connect to pc i did factory reset

i replace the digitazer and screen, still no slide

is like blind or no sensitivity at all

some one tell me replace the digi

didn't help

don't know what to do

by the way in itunes when i do the factory reset

says congratulations you iphone is unlocked

don't know if is factory unlock or what..

today i put it in alcohol i will see tomorrow

i am getting good in taking this thing apart!!!

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Why are you planing on placing it in alcohol? Any water damage to this phone?

the water color thing is red, thats why,

by the way all the buttons are working good, just is not sensitivity on the phone


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roy, there is the possibility that your digitizer is defective. Double check your work and see if everything is correctly seated. Try your new digitizer on another phone, or try another new digitizer. It is not uncommon to get replacements that have a faulty digitizer. Should it still not work with another new one, you may have issues with the touch controller IC on the logic board. This would be a major repair since it would require a reball of the IC. Hope this helps, good luck.


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i will try that later, we have other phone 4 with a beatyfull crack on the screen, i wil check both digis



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