7" Entertainment Tablet with Android 2.2

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Where to buy replacement screen?

Where can I buy a replacement screen for Ziio 7? Will a screen from another brand name 7" tablet fit?

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I had suspected that parts would be hard to get but I hoped that, as there is a comprehensive repair guide posted on this site, parts were available somewhere.

There is a very good guide on how to replace the screen, so I assumed the person who posted this guide was able to get a replacement screen, otherwise, what's the point of the guide?


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A screen from another tablet will not likely fit. Everyone make their screens that attach internally differently.

The problem I've run into with these type of tablets, is that the replacement parts are all but non-existent and if you can find a part, the repair for it runs as much, sometimes more, than a new tablet.

I know we try and repair as much as possible, but there are times when it is just not possible due to unavailable parts.


Good question. I guess if you live in another country, you may be able to locate the screen at a reasonable cost.


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