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People Cant Hear Me When I Put Speaker Phone On?

People cant hear me when I activate speaker phone on my iphone 4S.

Ive changed bottom dock connector and thats working fine now, but i've heard theres 2 microphones ?

Wheres the other one and what part do I need ?

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The iPhone 4 and 4S are the same two mics. Your problem is the top mic, first step is to clean, blow out the small pin hole at top of iPhone. If still problem, carefully clean it out with straightened small staple.


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I asked some skill people and was told that there only two microphones on iPhone 4 but only one on iPhone 4S.


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The skilled people your referring to must not be very skilled at all.

there are two mics in the 4s one attached to the dock and the other is located on the volume silent and headphone flex..

The little pin hole beside the headphone jack is were the mic is located I agree about cleaning the little hole with a pin but if that fails then a replacement flex is needed.

When u put on loud speaker it switches to the top miciPhone 4S Headphone Jack Cable Replacement


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Changed the headphone flex today including the little gold microphone that comes attached to the head phone jack and when I use speaker phone they still cant hear me at the other end :/ Maybe theres a deeper fault with the phone ?


i have also tried it with the actually headphone flex dangling out the phone & tapping it and blowing into the little gold upper microphone and still nothing. The receiver can however hear key presses when I do them, however they are very muffled and scratchy .....

Sorry to hear about this it must be a hardware problem if the mic mic won't work.


The picture in the link above is how I am testing the upper mic. I have called the phone like that put it on speaker and tried to talk into it, I "think" it should normally work even though the phones apart ?



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