MacBook Pro shut down, won't come back on!

I was working on my MBP model a1211 today, when it suddenly shut down by itself. I immediately thought low battery, so i plug in the charger. Charger light came on " green", but never changed to the " orange" charging mode. I checked the battery, it was ¾ fully charged! Why did my MBP shut down suddenly. Luckily, I was twice today, 3/23/2014, able to get the laptop started, just enough time to back up important work files, before it would shut itself down again. This happened three times today,now no more luck. MBP will not come back on, no chime, no hum, nothing! I'm guessing PRAM Battery, but IFIXIT is suggesting the " left I/O Board" Any idea would be appreciated!


Well folks. I got my MBP working. First I replaced the " Left I/O Board", with some improvement, then I replaced the " PRAM" battery, which I manufactured myself. Snapped the generic main battery back in, and the MBP started right up, but then shut down after 10 minutes. Tried an older APPLE COMPUTER battery, only holds a two hour charge, haven't had a problem since! So, I figure my laptop must have suffered a surge during the previous evening, damaging the I/O board, PRAM battery , and the main Battery. A new MBP battery is on order, expected any day.


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Sounds like you isolated down the issue. Did the replacement battery fix things?


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Yes. Replacing the " Left I/O board" made a difference in that i could see the charging light change from green to orange, whereas during my problem it did not change. I still noticed a shutdown after the board replacement, which was frustrating. So I decided to put in an older authentic Apple battery instead of the Generic battery I was using. That did the trick. I am now using a new Apple battery with no problems. I also switched out the PRAM battery due to its age.

Thank You IFIXIT!



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As you answered your own question please mark it accepted. And congrats!



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