Model A1419 / Late 2013 / 3.2 & 3.4 GHz Core i5 or 3.5 GHz Core i7 Processor, ID iMac14,2

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Can I create a fusion on late 2013 iMac 27?

Hi, i recently bought the latest iMac 27" and it's delivered with 1Tb HDD, no fusion drive preinstalled. I also find out that i can add a SSD on PCIe slot(since it's empty) and my intention is to create a Fusion Drive with a SSD (PCIe) mixing the original 1Tb hdd and the 256Gb that i will install by my own.

I specify that the SSD cames from a macbook pro retina late 2012 (mz-dpc2560/0a2)

Is anything wrong on my plan?

Thank you


SSD Serial /model

Block Image

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Bogdan - While the part & chips may look the same these are not interchange parts. First there is the Samsung controller while it's the same part (as you noted) it is also programed (note the word ARM in the bottom right of the chip). There is firmware that is written into the chip to configure the SSD's interface. So while the chip is the same, the I/O part of the connection is not sending the signals in the same manner between the mSATA Vs PCIe versions of the part. Second, the Flash chips them selves are different speeds here 216 Vs 240 and the higher speed version is what is required in the iMac.

I just don't know of any supplier of SSD upgrades for the newer iMac's yet. Apple is right now the only source for there version of the M.2 PCIe SSD's. While I commend you on trying to reuse your older MacBook Pro retina SSD it is not interchangeable with the newer iMac. - Sorry ;-{

Ok, thank you, i Will try finaly, as i already have all the components, and once it's done you will have an answer based on a real test.

Thank you for your advice.

Photo added, and btw on both repair guides(iFixit): MacBook Pro retina 15", and latest iMac 27", flash SSD's, to me, it seems to be identical.




Sorry, no it won't work here.

The issue is the Samsung MZ-DPC2560/0A2 unit currently in your MacBook Pro retina late '12 is not a PCIe interfaced SSD it's a custom mSATA device.

Your 27" iMac late '13 has a M.2 PCIe interface. The only problem here is no one has released an upgrade part yet.

Check out OWC as well as the other Mac upgrade sources to see when they have a solution. The other alternative is to go to an Apple authorized service center to order the part from Apple for you.


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I don't understand, i can see on I fixit teardown for iMac 27 the same serial number on the SSD as on my MacBook Pro retina SSD, where is the incompatibility ? Is there any official info about this?


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Do you mean part number? Each SSD unit has its own unique serial number.

OK - Lets double check things here: Give us the last four digits of your systems serial number (both systems) so we can make sure we are talking about the same systems here.

Hi everyone,

even today after lots of research, I could not find a compatible SSD for the iMac 27" (late 2013) PCIe, at least an original one from another iMac 27 same model, but considering the price, I chose another solution, much simpler, less expensive and also more secure than a house-made fusion drive:

- Replace the classic 1T Seagate Barracuda with a 1T Samsung EVO 850 SSD, adding the thermal sensor and chassis from OWC, and everything works like a charm.

I can tell, even if it's not a genuine apple flash drive, after this tweak and one month of daily use, I regret that a I didn't did this earlier. This iMac model without SSD it's like a person in wheelchair.


Any news on the attempt?


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If you are asking about the SSD's used in these systems they are not interchangeable. And getting the correct SSD was at the time difficult. Today while still hard you can find a few available (they must be a real Apple SSD SSD stripped from a system).


I have a similar question.

I have the same iMac and I am wondering if this SSD blade drive will work.

If not directly, then potentially with the help of an adapter similar to something like this?

I really want to be able to get the read/write speeds of the 950 pro into my system somehow basically, is this in anyway possible?


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To start with this model uses a custom 4 lane PCIe blade SSD. The Samsung blade SSD 950 Pro is not compatible with the iMac PCIe interface your system has. So far there is no 3rd party options, there is some hints someone will be coming this spring (OWC). As to using an adapter sadly, there is no adapter to put the Samsung driver into your iMac. The adapter you pointed to is designed to allow someone to mount the custom Apple SSD into a a system which has the more common M.2 PCIe interface. Basically the exact opposite on what your want.


No, It won't work.

The picture in the iFixit's SSD replacement guide of iMac 27 late 2013 shows the connector of iMac 27 2012 model: 8+18 pins


Whit iMac late 2013, (21.5", 27" and 27" 5K) the connector has changed: 12+16 pins



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