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Screen Case is Coming off

Hi People,

When i close my macbook pro the metal casing to the screen flexes out at the hinge area. When the macbook is close the metal casing sticks up.

I can't see why its started to happen and i can't see how to fix it.

The screen appears to be fixed fine to the hinge and doesnt move, its just the metal.

Can anyone help or tell me how the screen casing is attached?

Many thanks,


Block Image

Block Image

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With a little pressure does the lid snug up with the base? If not something has been bent. I could see a pen or pencil being wedged and the lid is then folded as the cause in that case. If the lid does snug up then your display unit will need to be disassembled to tighten the hinge screws. The cause here is likely the assembler forgot to apply LocTite on the threads so vibration loosened the screws.

In any case I wouldn't move the cover to much as you could damage the ribbon cable.

You may end up needing replacing the full lid assembly if its damaged.


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Thanks Dan.

There's no damage and caused by a pen/pencil and yes it does snug up when a little pressure is applied.

So how do i go about fixing it or locating the screws to tighten?


Thats good to hear its just loose screws. Follow this IFIXIT Guide to get the lid off and you'll need to pull the LCD panel off to get to the screws that how the other side of the hinge assembly.



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