problem partitioning newly installed SSD

Just installed a new 1TB SSD into the optical bay, and Disk utility says it failed the partition: "unable to write to the last block of the device"

Anyone had this, or have a solution?



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Depending upon the exact MBP 13 you have (you've provided the most generic description) you might be having a SATA issue. Your machine's optical bay could be SATA I or II trying to write to a SATA III 6Gb/s machine. The problem may also be with the caddy. You could have two automagically detecting devices fighting over what transfer speed to use.

Perhaps you can manually lower (jumper) the SSD drive down to SATA II.

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Ah, it's late 2011, 2.8GHz Intel core i7 running 10.7.5...

Which caddy did you use -

Hmmm, it was the unibody laptop dual drive/upgrade kit, IF107-080-3. It just calls it the SATA optical bay hard drive enclosure...


It's from ifixit and it's a 1 TB 6GB/s 5400 RPM SSD.

(Apologies for wrong comment procedure)

I think you should contact iFixit Customer service directly (we are the volunteer DIY help form - I do not work for iFixit). Use the link at the bottom of the page. IMO you have the wrong drive for your use. It's a drive meant to go on a SATA III connection. I do not believe the optical connector, nor the caddy, can deal with that read/write speed (they are too slow) and that's why you have the partition problem. If you could place the drive in a different (new) Mac, or external case. you could probably partition it. (It may still have read/write problems in use though).




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