Customized Epson Printer won't print after head replacement(s)

This printer is as far as I know a customized Epson l101 CISS printer.

After some head clogging leading to bad print quality I removed the print head and ran some cleaning fluid through it but after I reinstalled it, it would no longer print at all.

Then I bought a new print head and installed it but the problem persisted. I thought it might be a defective used head so I bought a new print head still without results.

When installing new print heads I also inputtet the head ID using an epson adjustment program.

The ink flows as it should when cleaning and everything looks fine though it just won't print.

I've also tested the print head data cable and it is fine on all lines.

The print head moves and makes all the usual sounds when printing, but there's simply no ink on the paper.

The only difference I've noticed since it stopped working is that the printer no longer makes a rather distinctive highpitched sound right before it starts to print(when the print head is in the far left position). It still makes a similar sound while "printing" though.

What could be the problem?

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