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engine stops after about fifteen minutes

I have a small John Deere riding mower. It runs great for about fifteen minutes and stops. after about half hour it will start up and run for a little while. It will run on starting fluid, so it has to be a fuel problem. Can you help me?

I am not good on the computer.. I had another problem with my mower.. You answered the first one about the clutch.. I tried to write to you and thank you, But I guess I didn't do it right. I did solve the running problem.. It was a dirty strainer... Thanks for your interest.... Bobby

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Just out of curiosity, why did you completely change the question?

Bobby, I did get your thanks. Glad to help you. However, you can just ask a new question if you have a new one.


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I found a thread on speed adjustment here on this website. Not sure if thats what you are meaning, but I hope it helps




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Hey Frank, Thank you for your excellent answer to my question..You are awesome. That fixed my problem. Thanks muchly.... Robert

You should mark the question as solved, Robert ;-)

nice research +

guys - 7 years late I know but that link doesn't take you to the answer (or anything remotely relevant to the question). Why not just copy/paste the original linked article.

Reagan, that's a very good idea, please do it as the answer provider has not been active since 2013.


The fuel tank vent is most likely plugged up. This is either built into the tank or part of the fuel tank cap. Next time it starts to happen loosen the gas cap to allow air in to prove problem.



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I just have to relate this story. My wife, as is her wont, was mowing while I was out of town for the week. When I called to let her know that I had arrived, she told me the John Deere rider had stopped after about 15 minutes and she had to get the neighbors to help push it back to the house. From her description, we agreed that it was either a fuel or air problem. Several times over the week I looked up solutions and accepted that my return-home-obligations would circumvent my return-home-festivities. I arrived home, my wife reminding me that the grass was growing, and I again checked the Internet for troubleshooting. As usual, I was expecting the worst. I headed out to the garage intending to check the gas cap vent first. Vent was fine. Gas tank was fully intact. How did I know? There was no gas in it. Bone dry. Filling the tank had an amazing effect. The tractor ran perfectly. My wife continued her mowing. And, I got my nap. Never rule out the simplest explanation. Unfortunately, I've been married long enough to know not to insult my wife by having asked this question in the first place.


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