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Swap glossy 2012 assembly with matte display assembly 2011. Possible?


I want to swap my glossy display assembly with a matte one from 2010 or 2011, is this possible? are all of them compatible?

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Jos, lets start off by properly identifying your computer. What are the last three digits of your computers serial number? I do think that the standard configuration of this model has an LED-backlit 15.4" widescreen TFT active-matrix "glossy" display (1440x900 native resolution), but also was available via custom configuration with a "high-res" glossy or antiglare 1680x1050 display

Sorry i didnt post my specs, I was focused on model year compatibility/differences.

Yes, you're right, actually mine its a custom 1680x1050 screen. Its made by LG (serial: LP154WE3-TLB2) My specs: I7 2,6Ghz, Nvidia 650m, year 2012.

Want to swap it with a previous year cause there arent a lot 2012 assemblies in the market and i can get a 2010 for a really good price.

I just cross referenced a couple of numbers and will have to agree with machead3. Your panels are not interchangeable.

Thanks for all,

is this answer the same if i just try install the LCD screen part?

Im thinking specifically in Samsung LTN154MT07 part number


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No can do. Each model year display is listed in the parts catalogue as working only with one model year.

The hardware GPU of a 2010 machine can not meet the requirements of the new displays.

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Thanks machead3,

You make it clear swapping is not an option,

do you know if i can install a Samsung LTN154MT07 in a 2012 Hi Res macbook? Thx again

Talk to your vendor - get a warranty from them so that if there's a problem you don't get stuck with a restock or return fee.


2011 works with a 2012 and vice versa, "but". Typing this on a 2012 MacBook Pro unibody 15 with a 2011 Unibody 15" high res matt display and top case.

The keyboard failed on mine, so I swapped the display and top case (and went for the upgrade along the way as a toasted 2011 model wasn't much more than a top case).

The "but" is that the connector is slightly different. The wiring is identical, but you have to bend (not break!) the tabs at either side of the connector on the logic board, which is a delicate job. The connector then slots in and locks into place as expected.


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