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Why is the digitizer on my Nokia Lumia 620 not working?

Hey guys,

After changing the screen/digitizer on a Nokia Lumia 620 it was working fine, a few weeks later it suddenly stopped working. The flex cable and screen looked completely fine, so I have no clue what's wrong. I even tried getting a new screen and it didn't work either. Anyone experienced this before or has any clue on what the problem could be?

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Have you tried a reset to see if it works?

I'm having the same problem with a digitizer I got from, Omran did you ever fix this problem? And Aristeidis, I looked up how to downgrade here but the software for rm-820 is not available in navifirm+ Any other ideas

I have my lumia 638 digitizer replaced, But now the touch is not working.


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Omran, if a hardware reset does not work, and you can not access the reset menu due to a non-functioning touch screen, I suggest to start with a Software/ OS reset. The hardware key combination can be used instead of the digitizer. This may cause some data loss.

Step 1

Make sure the phone is turned off.

1. Press and hold the power key

2. Phone vibrates (release the power key)

3. Press and hold the volume down key

4. Exclamation mark is shown on the screen (release the volume down key)

Step 2

Input the following key combination:

1. Volume up

2. Volume down

3. Power

4. Volume down

Step 3

The phone will reset and boot up automatically. This may take a few minutes.

Should this not accomplish anything, and you already tried a new digitizer, you may have a faulty touch screen IC. Attached is an image of the trouble shooting guide for the digitizer. Hope this helps, good luck.

Block Image


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This work for me hold the down key and power key wait for it to reset when you see nokia come up release power key and keep pressing down key don't stop you will feel it vibrate keep pressing it don't let go until you see you look screen then you touch will start to work again. it look like a software problem. This were done on my nokia lumia 928


it's just the new amber update of nokia, anything else but original digitizer doesn't work. i suggest you to downgrade your firmware.


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Today i crack my nokia 520 dizier and i replace new dizider and thats not work what i do? :S


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Me too.

I already tried almos all versions of software released and not one of them works 100%

Some works fine but after reboot not any more...


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I changed a digitizer on my lumia 920 ..and now the screen is showing upsided down...and my digitizer is not working...what to do...??


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